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When it comes to dog survival and surviving a disaster with your dog, you must first concoct a dog survival emergency plan which includes an emergency bag full of all the necessities that your dog will inevitably need if disaster does indeed strive. This emergency bag should include important medical items for your dog, vital forms that pertain specifically to your dog, your dog’s leash and carrier, and anything else that your dog needs in order to stay healthy and happy.

Remember, in any emergency situation; never leave your dog behind.

This is integral and vital to the health and survival of your pet! Make sure that you know exactly where your dog is at all times, and have a list ready of where your dog might be hiding if they feel frightened or scared. Have an escape route ready to go, and practice this route with your dog on a regular basis. If you adhere to a dog survival emergency plan and practice along the way, you are putting you and your dog in the way of safety instead of strife, and increasing the possibility of your dog surviving a very problematic situation.