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About the Author

Linda Bowers

For over forty years, Linda Bowers has shared her time–good and bad–with dogs. The most recent is with her Shih Tzu, Maggie May. Like any resident of the stormy state of Florida, Linda knows how important it is to have an emergency plan for your family when disaster strikes. Unfortunately, many plans do not always include family pets! Hurricanes are not, of course, the only natural disaster which could put your beloved pet in peril. Linda has heard the tales of humans and their dogs that are displaced or injured due to storms, floods, tornadoes, and other misfortunes, and is inspired to help minimize those sad occurrences.

Dog Survival Guide: Preparing Before An Emergencyis the product of Linda’s love of dogs and hours of consultation with veterinarians, service dog trainers, licensed dog rescuers, and many others. She has collected and curated expert tips to keep even your fur babies/dog(s) safe before or during an emergency.

With her sons and Maggie May, Linda enjoys traveling, knitting for charities and Maggie May, while continuing to share her love for animals.

As animal caretakers and owners, we love our dogs and want them to be safe and healthy at all times. They give us their unconditional love and companionship and they deserve our best care. When preparing for one’s self and family, we should also prepare for our dog(s), should an emergency or a disaster occur. We have a responsibility to make sure that our dog(s) have a place to be safe during a stressful time, and no one knows your dog(s) better than you.

“Prior Planning Prevents stress for you and your dog(s).”